Camera-ready Paper Instructions

For all BDCloud2014, SustainCom2014, SocialCom2014 conferences and associated workshops and symposia


Please follow the instructions below to upload your camera-ready papers:

1. Revise your paper thoroughly based on reviewers' comments.

2. Format your paper according to IEEE conference paper format. The template files can also be found in Step 4 - Formatting your Paper at the Online Author Kit page (page link is provided below).

3. Please try NOT to change your paper title. In case you really need to change your paper title, please email about this by including your paper ID, paper original submission title, new title, and author names. Otherwise, we may remove your paper from the proceedings by accident.

4. Please restrict to 8 pages for your regular papers. A short paper is limited to 6 pages. A poster or work-in-progress paper is limited to 2 pages. Workshop and symposium papers are limited to 8 pages. Extra page can be purchased at A$100 per page with maximum 2 pages allowed for each paper. Payment must be made together with your registration.

5. Your paper ID is "the conference/workshop acronym#paper number". For example, if your paper number in BDCloud2014 is 168, then your paper ID is BDCloud#168.

6. Register your papers with full registration fee by 15 October 2014 which is strictly enforced. If we do not receive your registration by this date, your papers will be removed. Registration instructions can be found at the Registration page.

7. Upload your camera-ready papers to IEEE Online Author Kit by 15 October 2014 which is also strictly enforced. All conferences including BDCloud2014, SustainCom2014, SocialCom2014 and associated workshops and symposia are sharing the same IEEE uploading account of BDCloud2014. Please use BDCloud2014 IEEE Online Author Kit (provided below) as the submission site for uploading your camera-ready papers.

8. If Step 5 of the Online Author Kit does not work properly, please skip it by generating the PDF file by yourself and then uploading it. However, you must follow the IEEE paper format which is provided by Step 4 at the Online Author Kit page.

9. The copyright form is online with the Online Author Kit and is made in the name of BDCloud2014 for all conferences and associated workshops and symposia.

The IEEE Online Author Kit contains the guidelines and the copyright form. The link is at