Call for Demos and Posters

 The 4th IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Communication (SustainCom2014)

3-5 December 2014, Sydney, Australia


Participants are invited to submit posters and research demos to SustainCom2014. SustainCom2014 (Sustainable Computing and Communication) is created to provide a prime international forum for both researchers, industry practitioners and environment experts to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of Sustainable Computing and Communication as well as joint-venture and synergic research and development across various related areas. Topics of interest for posters and demos include, but not limited to:

Track 1: Sustainable Computing and Communications

,   Theoretical Aspect of Energy, Power, and Temperature

,   Algorithms for Reduced Power, Energy and Heat

,   Power-aware Design of Software, Middleware and Systems

,   Power-aware Networking

,   Real-time systems

,   Power-efficient Computing Architectures

,   Efficient Circuit Design for Energy Harvesting

,   Power Management in Memory, Disk, Storage and other peripheral Devices

,   Configurable and Renewable Energy

,   Low Power Electronics

,   Energy Efficient Network Hardware

,   Energy-Efficient Communication Protocols

,   Low power Communication Technologies

,   Embedded Systems, ASICs and FPGSs

,   Power Leakage and Dissipation

,   Code Profiling and Transformation for Power Management

,   Power-aware Scheduling and Resource Allocation

,   Energy-efficient Wireless/Mobile/Sensor Systems and Networks

,   Security and Privacy

,   Wearable Computing

,   Ecological Monitoring, Analytics and Visualization

,   Green Communications Architectures and Frameworks

,   Green Data Centres and Enterprise Computing

,   QoS and Green Computing

,   Integration of Smart Appliances

,   Green Software Engineering Methodologies and Tools

,   Virtualization Impact for Green Computing

,   Case Studies on Green Computing and Communications

,   Green Computing Models, Methodologies and Paradigms


Track 2: Sustainable Systems and Technologies

,   Sustainable Architectures for Smart Grids

,   Smart Grid Security, Reliability and Load Balancing

,   Energy Management Systems (EMS)

,   Economic Models of Energy Efficiency

,   Energy Monitoring, Profiling and Measurement

,   Renewable Energy Systems and Harvesting Energy (e.g. Solar, Wind)

,   Greener Systems Planning and Design

,   Virtualization for Reducing Power Consumption

,   Evolutionary Algorithms in Energy Applications

,   Scheduling and Switching Power Supplies

,   Optimization Techniques for Efficient Energy Consumption

,   Reliability of Power-aware Computers

,   Runtime Systems that Assist in Power Saving

,   Models for Collective Optimization of Power and Performance

,   Monitoring Tools for Power and Performance of Parallel and Distributed Systems

,   Use of Sensors for Environmental Monitoring

,   Smart Control for Eco-friendly Buildings


Track 3: Sustainable Methodologies and Applications

,   Smart City (Sustainable Design, Models, Frameworks, Policies and Strategies)

,   Smart City (Sustainable Integration and Optimization of Comprehensive Resources and Information Flows - energy, emissions, people, goods and services)

,   Sustainable Energy Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Delivery

,   Smart Buildings and Urban Infrastructures

,   Smart Grid for Energy Generation, Transmission, Monitoring and Management

,   Open Government, Open Data Policies, Urban-Scale Data Sharing, Information Security and Privacy
,   Smart Logistics and Sustainable Supply Chain Management

,   Smart People, Smart Living and Smart Citizen Engagement

,   Intelligent Transport Systems and Traffic Management

,   Smart Energy-efficient Sensor Networks and Internet of Things

,   Smart Home, Smart Healthcare and Ageing Population support
,   e-Mobility, e-Work and e-Business Applications

,   Sustainable Urban Mobility and Smart Vehicle Management

,   Smart Resource Support and Demand Management and Optimization

,   User-Centred Services and Systems

,   Open Big City Data, Cloud Computing, Internet-Enabled Infrastructures and Services for Sustainability

,   Innovation Labs, Experimental Test-Beds and Simulation Environments

,   Mechanisms for Motivating Behavior Change

,   Advanced Data Analytics for Smart Cities

,   IS Architecture Design and Platform for Sustainability

,   Case Studies and Innovative Applications for Sustainability

Two types of posters and demos:

1. Proceedings published posters and demos: Submission is a 2-page short paper describing the post/demo content, research, relevance and importance to Big Data, Cloud Computing or related topics. If accepted, the 2-page short paper will be published in the main conference proceedings together with regular research papers. Each accepted poster or demo must register to the main conference with full registration.

2. Web published posters and demos: Submission is a 1-page extended abstract. Such posters/demos will not be included in the conference proceedings, but will be published on the conference website.

Both types of posters/demos will be displayed during the conference.



Please email your posters/demos to with the email subject as "SustainCom2014 poster demo submission".



Chang Liu, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Jesson Butt, University of Technology Sydney, Australia


Important Dates:

Deadline for proceedings published posters/demos: 5 October 2014 (firm)

Notification of Acceptance: 7 October 2014

Final versions of proceeding published posters/demos: 15 October 2014

Deadline for web published posters/demos: 30 October 2014