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Many scientific and business applications require the creation of a collaborative workflow management system as part of their sophisticated problem solving processes. By this, e-scientists and e-business people who lack the low-level expertise can still utilise the underlying large-scale information infrastructure to support the sophisticated problem solving processes in their applications. As such, the research and development of process and workflow management and applications become a must and have been on a high degree of interest internationally. The objective of this book series is therefore to provide timely treatments of the different aspects of process and workflow management and applications.


The book series will cover (but will not be limited to) such topics as: Scientific and business process modeling and reengineering technologies, Process mining, Process-aware information and computational systems, Formal representation, scientific and business workflow patterns, Workflow description languages targeting scalable computing environments such as computation or data intensive, Applying business workflow technologies to the scientific domain, Workflow API and graphical user interface, Workflow execution engines, Services that support workflow execution, Services engineering, composition and programming, Workflow verification and validation, Exception handling in workflow systems, Workflow system performance, Support tools for managing workflows, QoS and resource planning, re-planning and scheduling in workflows, Security control in workflow systems, Interoperability between workflow systems, Workflow reasoning and simulation, Agent-based workflow management, Adaptive workflow management, Real-world scientific and business workflow applications, etc.

Series Editor:

If you are interested in writing or editing a book, you are encouraged to fill in a Book Idea Form and email it to me first. I then liaise with Nova accordingly.

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